Wednesday, June 8, 2011

sunrise or sunset?

In the first rays of morning light the world feels so fresh and new – I love how the lighting makes everything look. I don't even mind getting up early to enjoy the sunrise – provided I went to bed early the night before. What about when the sun never really sets? I'm thinking of the arctic in summer time (only because I live closer to the northern pole than the southern one). A few years ago, I was on an icebreaker in the Beaufort Sea for a few weeks in July. Since I was taking sediment samples based on a predefined sampling regime, I ended up taking my samples at all times of the day and night – due to factors beyond our control the trip turned into a bit of a sleep deprivation exercise. One station happened at 2 am. As I stood on deck waiting for us to start, the sun was as low in the horizon as it would go and my internal clock couldn't decide if it was sunset or sunrise, so I took a picture.

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