Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The case of the organic salt

I live in a city with a lot of organic food shops which gives me a fabulous amount of food choices that I didn't have when I lived in other places. But, I have to admit some things for sale at these shops don't make a lot of sense – like organic apples from New Zealand (a hemisphere away from my home) for sale at the same time I can get them fresh and ripe from a local orchard.

Because we were curious if we would actually find it, my significant other and I decided to look for organic salt. Our theory was that organic salt would be found if we looked for it. Remember, that by definition salt is inorganic because it was never living and is not made up of any carbon – it's just sodium and chloride.

We checked two shops and didn't find our salt. But, at the third shop we found it – a package labeled 'organic salt'. The only ingredient was salt. I didn't buy any as I can make due with the plain old inorganic stuff (and I'm a little confused about what would make salt organic). When I got home I did google search for 'organic salt'. Pages of products come up ranging from foods to bath products. I can't stop myself from thinking manufactures, including the organic shop since the organic salt we found there was a shop brand, are just jumping on the organic band wagon and using it as a buzz word.

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